3 Phrases to Straight Away Make You A Better Recruiter

Do you ever find yourself struggling to find the right words to say when you’re trying to recruit people into your business well if that’s you then stick around because In this article we are going to share with you three simple but incredibly powerful phrases that if you begin to use every day in your business will instantly make you a better recruiter. Use these same phrases to recruit over 500 people.

There are three simple but incredibly powerful phrases to help you become a better recruiter in london now one of the things that you need to learned when we talk about recruiting or really what your job is which is really nothing more than learning how to properly invite somebody to take a look at your opportunity inviting really is the gateway skill when it comes to marketing and it’s really important when we talk about recruiting understanding your role in this process see when we talk about you approaching a prospect.

 There’s two parts to that approach you have part:

  • One which is the invitation part for job.
  • The second part which is the presentation.

See a lot of people really going wrong is they don’t understand that the invitation in the presentation have to remain two very distinctly separate steps they wind up inviting and presenting at the same time and that’s the reason a lot of people struggle it’s certainly one of the biggest mistakes that made in the beginning and when talk to people and try to help them get better when it comes to inviting. find is that most people are really not that far off it’s really just a matter of making one or two small tweaks just changing a couple of words that you’re saying and when you make those small little adjustments they actually result in far greater results so you make small little tweaks and you start to see big results.

So let share with you the three phrases so here is:

phrase number one: It may or may not be for you see when I am inviting somebody to take a look at whatever opportunity have to offer them the first thing I want to say to them let’s take an example if I’m talking to my friend Bob I want to say hey Bob listen it may or may not be for you now here’s the reason why that’s important because when we say that to my friend Bob here’s what it lets him know that it’s okay if he’s not interested so let him off of the hook letting him know that he shouldn’t feel pressured to say yes now that’s important because a lot of times if people feel like they’re going to be pressured from you or giving you money or joining a business it’s going to keep them from taking a look so by simply saying “hey Bob it may or may not be for you” that’s a very powerful statement.

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Here’s the second statement: would you be open now always combine those two things say Bob listen it may or may not be for you but “would you be open to insert” whatever you want to do would you be open to coming by my home on Thursday night and taking a look would you be open to getting together over a cup of coffee so could share some information Bob would you be open to trying a sample of the products. Those two phrases together are very powerful “it may or may not be for you and would you be open

Here is the third phrase:If I would you” now who learned this particular phrase it completely changed business so say Bob “it may or may not be for you but would you be open to and look” if invited you to my house would you come if I sent you a short video would you take a look at it Bob if I gave you a sample of the product would you try it now let me explain to you.

Where some of you are going wrong you are saying something like this Bob I’m going to send you a video Bob I want you to take a look at this website I want you to know more about this business and want you to come over my house see you’re not giving the prospect an opportunity to agree to that presentation or that appointment so just saying Bob if I sent you a video would you watch it when Bob says yes and get him to schedule that appointment or get him to agree to do something that is so much more powerful than just steamrolling over somebody and saying hey Bob I’m going to send you a details that I want you to know it so if I would do.

here’s the last little thing that’s a second part of that if I say Bob if send you a details would you read it and Bob says yes then here’s second question when do you think you have a chance to take a look at it so allowing Bob to agree to look to tell me when he can read it so he is scheduling the follow-up it’s not me saying look here’s what want you to do based off of my needs and off of my schedule having Bob set that appointment himself so guys those are the three phrases it may or may not be for you would you be open and if  would you telling if you start to use these phrases every single day if you incorporate them into your invitations. Guarantee you will immediately start to see better results so hey guys if you saw some value in that message.

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