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Children Nurse

Children need special care especially when they are facing some sorts of health issues. With increasing cases of children suffering from acute illness, there is a huge demand for children nurses who are well qualified and experienced enough to understand child psychology.

Children's nurse has an important role to play in assessing the needs of the children by understanding their medical, social, cultural and psychological problem. Effective communication is vital for this role to show empathy and sensitivity when speaking with the children & their parents. While taking care of young children you need to interpret their behavior and reactions to assess them fully, as they won't be able to explain how they're feeling.

The children nurses are required in hospitals, homes and in the community of doctors, with healthcare assistants, play staff, psychologists and social workers.

The Role and Responsibilities of Children Nurse

Caring for babies, children and young people are different from adult nursing. You would use your specialist skills, knowledge and experience to recognize any changes in health, so you can respond to their needs.

As a children's nurse, you'll need to:

  • Analyze, observe and report on the condition of the children

  • Keep the children prepared for different test procedures

  • Record temperature and pulse to keep accurate records of these observations

  • Set up drips and blood transfusions

  • Maintain and check intravenous infusions

  • Administer drugs and injections

  • Assist with tests and evaluations

  • Respond quickly for any emergencies

  • Explain treatment and procedures to enable parents/carers to consent for the treatment

  • Support, advise and educate parents and close relatives

  • Maintain hygiene and other safety rules for visitors.

  • Maintain and update the records before completing a shift.

The roles and responsibilities of children nurse may increase with experience. As the number of children is suffering from various ailments the children nurse has a crucial role to play to help them to recover from illness and make them physically and mentally strong.