Reviewing Entire Registration Process for Nurses and midwives

What we’re reviewing

We’re reviewing all parts of our registration process including how candidates submit their application, the fees they pay, how they demonstrate they meet our standards and the evidence we require of their English language capability.

Why we’re carrying out a review

We know that choosing to come and work in the UK requires significant personal and financial investment. Unnecessary delay in registration means that applicants can’t practise their chosen profession and this could put them at risk of losing work or, sometimes, having to return home.

We want to make our application process simpler and quicker for candidates by improving our guidance and automating as much of the process as possible.

We also need to update our tests and processes to reflect our new education standards, and provide a route for nursing associates to apply.

Changes we’ve made so far

We have consulted widely including holding workshops and webinars to learn from your experiences and get your views on how our overseas application process could be improved.

To make improvements as quickly as possible, we’ve already introduced some interim changes:

  • Applicants now only have to re-sit the part of the OSCE that they failed
  • We’ve brought together candidate OSCE preparation materials across our three test sites and produced top tips for candidates and those supporting them in their preparations to sit the test
  • We’ve introduced a mock examination and marking criteria to support candidates preparing for the OSCE examination and plan to do more in this area over the next few months
  • We’ve removed our current 12 month post registration experience requirement allowing candidates to apply for registration without this
  • We’ve changed the requirements for overseas nurses and midwives taking the International English Language Test System (IELTS) so that a level 6.5 in writing will now be accepted alongside a level 7 in reading, listening and speaking
  • From 1 April, we will reduce the overall cost of the test of competence by more than 20 percent – the cost of the CBT will reduce from £130 to £90; the full cost of OSCE from £992 to £794 and the resit cost of the OSCE from £496 to £397
  • We’re introducing a new test of competence assurance panel – a group of experienced nurses, midwives and other health and care professionals will use their broad range of expertise to ensure consistency of tests across different test centres

How we’re developing our plans

We’re using the feedback from our events to develop our plans.

We’ll make sure that we let all applicants and their representatives know well before any changes take place and what those changes will mean.

Here are some of the changes we’re currently exploring.

Application system

We’re looking to introduce a new system that will allow applicants to prepare and submit their application to us online and track its progress.


We’re currently exploring the reduction in waiting times between OSCE attempts including how the re-sit fee currently applies to those that only fail a small section of the examination.

Answering your questions

The current application process is still in place for existing and future applicants. We’ll be updating this page to reflect any changes.

Source: https://www.nmc.org.uk/registration/joining-the-register/register-nurse-midwife/trained-outside-the-eueea/reviewing-our-registration-processes-for-nurses-and-midwives-from-outside-the-eea/

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