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Steps Include in Recruitment Process

Recruitment is actually a brainstorming process. If you are planning to hire some suitable candidates for your future business endeavor, it is imperative to judge each candidate’s capability perfectly. You might have got confused whether you have covered everything during hiring or not & that turns out as the wrong choice. Generally, organizations hire different recruitment agencies to search out perfect individual whether there is a Construction Recruitment or healthcare Recruitment. But different recruitment agencies also follow some of the recruitment processes that everyone needs to know who is about to hire someone or planning to become the recruiter or even going to join the recruitment agency in future.

Here take a look at some of the effective recruitment process steps that should be followed:

  • Planning: The very first step is the recruitment planning. Now the question arise here is what you have to plan here? So one have to plan the specification of jobs for which they are going to hire. A proper job description, responsibilities, skills required, the grade pay scale & job type (or any conditions) will represent a proper prospect about the vacant position. These all specification must get decided before start hiring.

  • Strategy: Strategic management also an important task to follow. As you now know what kind of candidate do you require, then the next step is that how you can reach those aspiring candidates. It is necessary to devise a suitable strategy for recruitment. This phase includes about deciding what recruitment procedure you what to follow, whether you want to hire it from a specific area or want to hire from outside. What activities you have to follow while recruitment that must get decides in this phase.

  • Search: Now this step can be tiring for the recruiter, it may happen you get a lot of job seekers in one attempt like in healthcare recruitments or maybe you have to work harder to find the best like in construction recruitment. This phase involves mostly attract more candidates. You may advertise for the job through several social media or go for some job portal. It’s all up to the recruiter whether they want to opt the internal source (reference) or external source (social media, advertisements etc).

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  • Selection: Despite the fact that some view screening as the beginning stage of determination, we have considered it as a necessary piece of enlistment. The reason being the determination procedure begins simply after the applications have been screened and shortlisted. Work determination is significant in screening. Applications are screened against the capability, learning, aptitudes, capacities, premium and experience said in the employment particular. The individuals who don’t qualify are straightway disposed of from the choice procedure. The systems utilized for screening hopefuls fluctuate contingent upon the wellspring of supply and strategy utilized for enrolling. Preparatory applications de-choice tests and screening meetings are basic systems utilized for screening the hopefuls.

  • Assessment: This phase generally includes the decision of cost or salary. According to the job analysis, how much one can offer to the recruiters? This step can also be termed as evaluating and controlling step of recruitment. The costs here generally acquire in a recruitment process include the salary of recruiters, Expenses in outsourcing or overtime etc.


If these practices will get follow while hiring any candidate for any job sector (like It, Construction or Healthcare) in whatever country (US or UK), there are more chances to get the most suitable skilled professional for the organization.

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