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Strong Reasons to Use an Outside Recruiter

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional wait until you hire an amateur he was so right in your business there can be a huge difference between hiring the a player and the B or C player to fill a key position today we’ll review five good reasons to hire an outside recruiter for a key position in your company of course just like doctors lawyers mechanics and schoolteachers there are great ones out there and there are some that aren’t so great the same goes with recruiters but with each of these professions we want to find the best one and also the one who can specialize in what we really need for example if you had a heart attack you probably want to see a heart surgeon not a podiatrist they’re both doctors but each one has a specialty a really good recruiter who is a specialist can be a great asset to your company.


Here’s why

  • First the quality of candidates a recruiter who knows your industry and your business has access to the best candidates from previous searches industry contacts their databases and unique sources due to experience and expertise in recruiting a good recruiter will take an active not a passive approach and finding the best candidates.


  • Second you’ll get more and better candidates a recruiter who specializes in your industry or your functional area will find candidates who are qualified and not looking as well as candidates who they know from their networking contacts and for many other sources not available to most corporate recruiters.


  • Third locating the a player from my own experience I’ve been on yourside of the desk I used to hate paying fees to recruiters I learned some valuable lessons by making mistakes of my own when trying to avoid paying fees and settling for a B player just to save a few bucks in the world of sports there are some players like Nolan Ryan Roger Staubach and Michael Jordan who went on to become Hall of Famers these are some of the ultimate a players but somebody recruited each one of them getting them on board was not an accident for your business there’s a huge difference when you hire excellence rather than mediocrity a good recruiter who finds you the a player can cover the cost of the fee 25 to a hundred times over examples are purchasing managers who are worth millions and savings our VP’s who can double the size of your business the higher the level of position in your organization the more critical.


  • Fourth reason cost versus value-added contingent recruiters charge nothing until a final candidate is hired these typically come with a guaranteed period and you get the added value of having a far superior candidate in exchange for any fee paid other services provided include selling the candidate on your company screening interviewing reference checking and assisting in the negotiating process as well as onboarding once the offer is accepted in reason five strategic partnership a good recruiter in your industry can add value in many ways in addition to just filling the open positions such as providing competitive intelligence conducting salary surveys and helping network with industry contacts.


In summary these are the five good reasons to use a search firm the quality and quantity of excellent candidates There are many Recruitment agency in london who, recruiting the a player the value-added services provided and finally building a long-term strategic partnership.


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