What should I wear to the job Interview?

The most important things for job seekers while attending any interview is their attire. You might have not aware about the environment or dress policy of that organization. There are several organizations where the employer used to wear flip-flop or shorts to work and in several organization, employers must wear suits to work every day.

A well dressed up employer with an appropriate tie, you can see while entering into any organization. This might be their dress policy and you are not aware of it. You may arrive there in blazer or jeans for the interview and got rejected for the job – and perhaps you never know the reason why!

So it is imperative to know each and every aspect about your interview attire. You must know how to impress the interviewer.

Here are some of the tips on dressing for a job interview that takes you towards success.

  1. First Impression: As you know first impression is the last one, so focus on making the first impressiogoing-for-a-job-interview-what-first-impression-do-you-maken. The first imprint you mark on a potential interviewer is the most significant one. The initial judgment an evaluator sort is going to be centered on how you look and what you are actually wearing. Try to wear the professional attire that might be a suit both for men & women.
  2. Visualize yourself according To the Position You Have Applied For: It’s always better to be prepared & let your hiring manager visualize you as the part of your team through your dressing. Your appearance will be the first thing that they are going to analyze while hiring you for their team.


Here are some of the dress categories that you can prefer according to the Industry Environment:

  • Conventional Dress like Suits or formals: Corporations Sectors, financial institutes, accounting companies or for the law workplaces.
  • Business Casual: You could prefer business casuals like Trousers and shirts or office going dresses for the Sales industry, government organizations, education, marketing, Startup companies, information tech, commerce, real estate.
  • Casual: A job seeker can prefer to wear any casuals if he has applied for industries like construction, reforming, plumbing and any other occupation where they may get unclean.
  • Creative or Fashionable: If you are willing to bet the part of the fashion industry, then you must look for something different and creative. Industries like Fashion, entertainment or for the graphic design, video game or even for music companies, you can prefer to get ready with some creative attire.

All you have to do is to figure out in which field or organization you are going to interviewing for, and just get already according to their culture.


Even if you are not sure about your interview attire, it’s not an issue. While you get an email message for the face to face job interviews or phone call from the recruiter or the organization HR, or perhaps from of the company manager, you could as from them as well. You can take their advice about the appropriate dress for the interview and ask them if there is any organization’s dress policy. This is probably the best option to navigate the tricky corporate environment. When you are in uncertainty, no issues just bring a blazer with yourself, it can make any outfit look professional and formal as well. Along with the dressing sense, you also need to take care of your makeup, hairs that should be minimum and minimal nails. Don’t wear sunglasses and too bold color attire for an interview as it can leave a bad impression on the hiring manager or interviewer.


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