Azure Data Engineer


Azure Data Engineer

This has been one of the causes for a sudden rise in demands for data scientists. However, no one points out the significance of a data engineer amidst the noise for data scientists. An Azure data engineer is also one of the most coveted job roles in the Microsoft Azure landscape.

The following discussion would aim at illustrating a guide for Azure data engineer certification. The discussion would focus on crucial aspects such as the path for becoming an Azure data engineer. The discussion would also make an effort to present details about reasons to choose data engineer jobs.

The path for becoming a data engineer on the Microsoft Azure platform leads directly to the role of an Azure data engineer associate. First of all, you should have a clear idea of the Azure fundamentals for starting on this journey. You need to understand the need to appear and qualify two exams for achieving the job role of a data engineer.

As an Azure data engineer, you can pursue the roles of a data analyst and data scientist in a single job. The work of a data engineer involves the management of data workflows and pipelines. One of the formidable highlights about data engineers is the ambiguity regarding their roles concerning data scientists. However, a closer look at the hierarchy of needs in data science clearly shows the significance of data engineers.

Data engineers are responsible for preparing the foundation that data scientists use for their work. Data engineers are responsible for the collection, moving, storing, and preparation of data infrastructure. Then, data scientists could use the infrastructure for learning or optimization. So, you could observe the significance of a data engineer on the Azure platform from these aspects.

Apart from the significance that an Azure data engineer can enjoy, you could find promising job prospects. The prospects are not important only in terms of the remuneration but also the reputation of potential employers for data engineers. Data engineering is an emerging and constantly evolving job that can stand the test of time and trends in computing.

Basic Skills for Azure Data Engineers


  • Azure data engineer should have an understanding of the evolving data landscape. They should know about the evolution of data systems and their influence on data professionals.
  • Should know the differences between on-premises and cloud data solutions. Furthermore, a clear understanding of business use cases of cloud technologies is also favorable.
  • Have a formidable understanding of the job role and responsibilities associated with the role. Also, candidates should have a comprehensive understanding of services on the Azure data platform.

The certification for the job role of Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate is highly important. The certification path involves two different exams meant for testing distinct capabilities of Azure data engineers. The two Azure data engineer certification exams are DP-200 and DP-201.

DP-200 is known as Implementing an Azure Data Solution, and DP-201 is known as Designing an Azure Data Solution. Both of these exams are ideal for data engineers interested in designing and implementation of data management, monitoring, security, and privacy. The certification exams also test the capabilities of candidates to use the complete stack of Azure data services to address business requirements.

Aspiring to become an Azure data engineer should note that DP-200 and DP-201 are mandatory exams for them. However, there is no specific prerequisite exam for candidates to become eligible for these two certification exams. However, candidates should have promising fluency in SQL syntax as well as programming fundamentals before trying for a data engineering career. The hands-on experience of candidates in areas such as distributed systems, data pipelines, and database fundamentals are also preferable.