Global Sourcing


Global Sourcing

Staff Giant is an accomplished staff recruitment company offering various services including global sourcing.

We are a professional recruiting company recognized for the specialty of bringing together employers and employees to achieve a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.

At Staff Giant, the Global Sourcing team enthusiastically represent the company to the supply base which drives their commitment to offering the best total cost over the long term. We stand out in the recruitment industry due to our ability to bridge different companies, cultures, and time zones and prove the mutual value of working together. We believe in the value of building relationships and truly creating win-win partnerships.

What we offer:
We comprehensively ensure the activities of planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating staffing initiatives on a worldwide basis to ensure staffing objectives are fulfilled.
We recruit smart, reliable, and hard-working professionals for various jobs across various industries. Over the years, Staff Giant has helped both the employers and the employees by bringing them together.
We not only recruit highly skilled foreign workers but also help them with all the paperwork. We have a dedicated legal team that provides all services for overseas recruitment.
We help companies to increase their potential of finding the right candidate with the skills to meet their needs. Many employers look to hire candidates with the skills of the future, expanding your search across the globe can keep you ahead of the competition. In industries with large skills gaps, the ability to source globally is necessary to remain competitive.
At Staff Giant, we have a dedicated team to oversee the entire process of integration with utmost devotion. We work through the entire interviewing process, the shift, and the training period until the employees are fully familiar with their work.