Blockchain Engineers


Blockchain Engineers

A technical solutions architect is somebody who helps companies design and delivers a range of solutions to their problems. Technical solutions architects need to have the skills and the knowledge to create solutions that fit in with company strategy.

The demand for Blockchain Engineers has seen a staggering increase, with it being listed as one of the most desired IT skills for 2020 by Technojobs. According to research, there’s been a 517% increase in global demand for blockchain engineers. This huge demand also comes with a very rewarding salary.

A ‘blockchain’ is a cryptographically secured, decentralized, and distributed global ledger of transactions and assets. Most people are familiar with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which use Blockchain as an underlying technology to confirm, record, and track each coin to eliminate the “double-spending problem”.

Blockchain technology can be extended beyond cryptocurrencies, such as tracking real estate ownership and simplifying title transfer, with distinct advantages such as lower cost, increased transparency, and decentralization.

Because of its many potential uses and interest in Blockchain technology, engineers with programming knowledge and experience are highly sought after and well-paid as described in a February 2018 article by TechCrunch. Increasingly we are seeing engineers from companies such as Google leave their high-paid jobs to become Blockchain engineers due to the applicability of this emerging technology.

  • Medical Records Management
  • Identity Verification/Privacy Management
  • Tracking Food Contamination
  • Preventing Land Fraud/Recording Real Estate Transactions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Voting