KPO Services


KPO Services

Staff Giant-KPO is headquartered in the United Kingdom and it has its presence in India with an off-shore unit in Kochi.

With a strong background in IT consulting, we specialize in customer service, lead generation, and sales, Financial Services, Recruitment, Compliance, Bookings, Payroll, Invoice management, managing out-of-hours, Inventory Management, and Admin support. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expertise in business and IT consulting.

At Staff Giant-KPO, we are strongly committed to developing unsurpassed analytical solutions to difficult business problems. Our mission is to empower the brightest in providing services to our clients with skilled and experienced resources who are well trained and the latest in technology to provide ground-breaking and lucrative customer relationship and business process management solutions.

Why partner with us? 

  1. Increased Savings
  2. Fast Turnaround times
  3. Improved Work-life balances
  4. Hassle-Free process
  5. Quality prioritized

 Our services 

Recruitment Services 

With a massive database of potential job applications, we ensure that our clients in the KPO sector can acquire the best available talent. Resourcing and screening, headhunting and market mapping give us the ability to assess and understand the needs and deliver the right candidate for the role.

Compliance Services

Whenever it comes to compliance services, we are there 24×7 to make the compliance process quick, streamlined, and easy for you. We provide support through every stage and our team also adopts a high-touch conversational approach to extract precise and detailed information. We guide and support the candidates before and after their placements.

Out of Hours

At Staff Giant, we deliver round-the-clock CV sourcing services to ease the burden of your in-house sourcing team. The out-of-hours support team provides services to cater to the temporary and locum needs as well as handle the unplanned escalations.

Booking Management:  

Shift allocation of the staff is one of the tough jobs and needs to be carried properly. This job needs to be done by experts to avoid any mistakes. Our team ensures the shift allotment of the candidates is matched with the requirements of the clients for 100% satisfaction.

 Time Sheet Processing: 

A timesheet should be processed on time and thus our team of experts ensures to collect the time sheets daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis from the candidates. They also take appropriate approvals from the higher managers.

Payroll Management: 

As there is a constant evolution of the regulations, compliance, and filing requirements, the recruitment payroll processing gets complicated and consumes time. Our team eases the burden and reduces your company’s operating cost by up to 50%.

Finance and Accounting Services

Our outsourced management accounting and reporting services focus on providing clients with transparent and easy-to-understand financial information across a wide range of management roles. Our offshore teams are experts in handling other services too like inbound and outbound calls, lead generation, product management, and so on.

Customer support and administration management: 

Our in-house team is expert in handling the inbound and outbound calls, emailing, chatting, and provide solutions to the clients.

Business development:

Our business development team ensures the growth of your company by increasing sales. They also take care of genuine lead generation, social media marketing, email campaigning, and so on.


Be it catalog management, product management, buyer management, or seller management, we understand the need for e-commerce and its successful operation. We provide specialized and customer services for the entire e-commerce value chain.