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Healthcare Assistant

A healthcare assistant, popularly known as HCA, has a vital role to play in caring for the people. They help to bring a positive change in someone’s life who is under treatment. A healthcare assistant has different roles to play depending on their workplace.

The health professionals working in HCA roles are known as nursing assistants, nursing auxiliaries or auxiliary nurses. They can form a vital part of a nursing team in a hospital, doctor’s surgery or in the wider community in a residential care home – looking after the elderly or in a domestic setting looking after someone who is disabled or terminally ill.

They are trained to work with infants, children, young people and supporting registered nurses in the delivery of nursing care.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Health Care Assistant

  • Helping the patients to wash, shower and dress properly

  • Serving and helping the patients to eat food

  • Changing and making beds

  • Turning patients who are bed-ridden and undergoing treatment to avoid pressure sores

  • Counseling and talking to the patients to boost their confidence feel

  • Helping patients to move around.

  • Giving out bedpans, and helping patients to the toilet

  • Make sure that the ward and patients’ room are neat and clean

  • Keeping supplies and equipment in order

  • Taking and recording patient observations such as temperature, pulse, and breathing.

Apart from staying with the patients the health care assistant also extends their services to the doctors and surgeons.

The roles are listed below:-

  • Sterilize surgical equipment.

  • Conduct health checkups

  • Re-stock consulting rooms.

  • Process samples in the lab.

  • Collect the blood samples.

  • Do health promotion or health education work

With an increasing number of people suffering from various types of disorders, the role of health care Assistant increases to help the patients recover from the diseases and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.