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Employee turnover can cost a company big time and it is not only about the growth of the business. Employee retention becomes quite important especially when you are a small business. There are many reasons to retain the top talent and one of the top-notch reasons is that you probably have limited resources. With effective strategies, you do not need to spend a fortune on employee retention strategies. Moreover, a healthcare recruitment consultancy can help you out by providing the right solution to help retain your best employee. So, here are the top employee retention strategies for 2021. 

Hire Right: Employers who hire new employees expect that they will quit within a year. If you already expect one-third of your new hires to leave, that is not the best way to start the hiring process. So while hiring ensures that you hire the right employee and you don’t fall into the negative mindset. Don’t go for desperate hiring just to fill an empty position. 

The onboarding process should be smart: The new hires should be set for success from the very first day and they can get all the positive vibes with the onboarding process. Ensure that you aren’t just teaching the new hire about the job role and responsibilities. It is important to make them feel at home and teach them, about the company culture. 

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Provide the required tools: Every employee comes from a different background and thus they need tools to make things simplified and automated. Providing the employees with the right tools, which can increase their performance, is a good idea. This way they can focus on more strategic initiatives. They can focus on what matters. 

Employee recognition and acknowledgment: It is important to recognize star employees, share the employee spotlights and allow the employees to nominate coworkers for awards. It is important to celebrate with the employees by sharing birthday wishes, anniversaries, personal milestones as well as organizational achievements. In this way, they can improve the sense of belonging. 

Communicate Properly: When you communicate properly with your employee and understand how they feel within the company, then you make employee retention much easier. The employees should feel like they can come to you with any ideas, questions, or concerns and also expect you to be honest and open with them about what’s going on in the company. 

Relaxed environment: The environment within the office should be relaxed and casual, while professionalism shouldn’t be ignored at all. You need to create a balance between the two as the employees spend one-third of their day in the office. This is one of the unique employee retention strategies but it is an incentive that is highly appreciated and puts the employees at ease so that they are motivated to work hard. 

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Work on the feedback: As far as the employee retention strategies are important, working on the feedback shouldn’t be overlooked at all. You need to get into the practice of inspiring and hearing to all the feedback your employees give. If you want to boost morale as well as employee happiness, then it is time you listen and act on what the employees are saying. 

Team Outings: Team outings are one of the best ways to boost employee morale. Going for lunch or having some team-building games or going for a trip can make the employees happy. Who doesn’t want to have fun at the end of the day? 

Whenever there is a crisis, it is important to get ahead to effectively manage the situation. The employees are hit hard during the disruptive times, and the strain can lead to lower productivity, poor employee retention, and higher financial problems. A recruitment agency in London UK can help you in crisis and make life easier. 


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