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Today’s state of hiring is apparently always instable. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the employees started to re-evaluate their priorities, which may have involved quitting or changing their jobs. To get ahead of this quick-quitting trend, it would be appropriate for businesses to build an arsenal of employee retention strategies to help keep your team for the long term. Read the article for tips from the best job consultancy services in the UK on how to encourage the employees to stick around once you have gotten them in the door. 

Check with them about how they are

It is important to keep updated about your employees. It is always great to give weightage to your employee’s thoughts and opinions about daily life at work. This can include anything from scheduling and teamwork to management and advantages. Checking in with the employees in this way can help them feel heard amid the cacophony of day-to-day operations. Continue this reliable stream of message with frequent newsletters, new hire announcements, anniversary notices, and more. Keeping in touch with the staff creates open lines of communication and transparency, which leads to trust. This sense of trust is a great foundation on which to build additional employee retention strategies. 

Regular recognition and rewards 

Instead of conducting performance reviews once every year, most of the employees expect more immediate recognition and rewards. Considering implementing a three, six, or nine-month review and using the aforementioned communication channels to recognize employee milestones is important. It is significant to show appreciation for team members every few months with incremental incentives that nurture motivation not only to continue to work hard but also to stay on board longer. Even for temporary and permanent healthcare jobs, you can find the best 

Flexibility and Teamwork

Times are tough, work shouldn’t be. After all, the employees likely spend more time at the workplace than with their families. Create trust among your team and show them you are on their side by offering flexible time-off policies. You can offer sick leave to take care of themselves or loved ones or to get the vaccination. Consider assigning an ‘on-call’ employee to volunteer in case of last-minute emergencies. This may need more commitment from your team, but remind them you are a team and these policies are in place to help every employee and there may come a time when they require a coworker to step up for them. 

Augment advantages 

Not all employers can provide full medical advantages. If this is not an option for you, then you need to generate a resource center where the employees can find lists of names and contact information for community companies that offer healthcare services at reduced prices or for free. Employee wellness is another important thing to keep in mind inside the workplace. Contemplate setting up a peer-to-peer program that connects employees for short-term one-on-one chats to get to know each other properly. A better knowledge about the coworkers, how they work, and understanding about their social life can build a sense of community and trust within the team, leading to contented and more satisfied employees.  

Final Thoughts 

The above-mentioned employee retention strategies are meant to create a positive working environment so that the employees don’t have to think about your team will have a hard time walking away from what you have provided them. But if another offer does come along, dedicate time to discuss an employee’s reason for leaving, what you can do to encourage them to stay, and how you can help them grow where they are planted. Healthcare recruitment consultancy needs the right employee retention strategies to ensure their staff is hired. 



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