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When it comes to applying for the best jobs, the competition is quite tough with roles frequently attracting many applications. What’s more, the chances are that the recruiter only spends a few seconds to read your CV, for both temporary and permanent healthcare jobs, so it needs to jump off the page immediately. So, here are some of the tips to create an edgy CV that shows exactly what you have to offer: 

Have a template CV ready 

Having a master CV allows one to keep all the skills, achievements, and experience in one place. When the template is with you, it becomes easier to rearrange and edit it for each application to ensure that the CV you submit is completely customized to the job profile you are applying for. 

Keep it concise 

When it comes to your CV, keep it brief and crisp. Recruitment companies London look for a CV, which highlights your skills, and experience right away. One aims to keep the CV to one page- sticking to this will help in ensuring you aren’t waffling and that you include just the most relevant information. 

Include keywords from the job description

Recruiters can screen the CVs and application for certain keywords, so when it comes to editing your CV, ensure you read the job listing properly and pick out the most important keywords to incorporate into it. What’s more, the recruiters, as well as large companies, are progressively using different software that helps them identify the CVs with content that matches the role the company, so optimizing your CV can help ensure it doesn’t get missed. 

Add ‘power words’ in the CV

It is important to use some powerful action verbs that highlight your most valuable skills and demonstrate what you have achieved like ‘designed’ or ‘launched’ and ‘modernized’- instead of less impactful words such as ‘helped’ or even ‘managed’. Most low-cost healthcare recruitment solution providers would assume you to have these abilities anyway, so use the space on the CV to highlight the qualities that set one distant from other contenders and that will make you an asset to any company. Similarly, the companies can expect you to have a good knowledge of Microsoft Office, so there is no need to add this to the CV. According to the experts, you can only recommend listing this skill if it is specifically mentioned in the job description. 

Use numbers to highlight your accomplishments 

You need to provide evidence of your achievements wherever possible. You can add the number of projects you have handled or delivered, the size of the teams you have managed, the percentage of sales growth achieved, or even the contract value you were responsible for. You can include any evidence that your work has made a positive impact in the business and that your skills are transferrable. 

By following these CV tips, you can easily catch the attention of the recruiter. You need to show them how great a fit for the role and company you are. You can enhance the chances of landing an interview. If you need help updating your CV or to find out about the latest roles, contact the best recruitment firm. 


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