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Has the recent pandemic made you rethink which career you should stick to? Maybe, you have realized that it’s the right time to move up the ladder or to move on. If so, then you are not alone. Even the best job consultancy services in the UK will vouch for it. For many people, this pandemic turned work routines upside down and made the time to reflect on what they value most and what they are looking forward to in their careers. Whether you are taking the first step in the career, have been moving your way up the ladder, or are getting some time out, here are some tips, which you should keep in mind to boost your career in 2022. 

Your first job

The first job after you have just finished school or college is quite exciting and it can set the tone for your future career. Although the pressure to find the perfect job can be tough, don’t feel you have to settle for the first role that comes your way. You need to look prudently at the company structure, culture, and code to see if it aligns with your ideals and how you like to work. Find out if there are any opportunities for growth within the company in the future. It is something which you should discuss at the interview stage, but you can also look for the company’s career page and other vacancies they are advertising to get a better idea of the career progression. You can always look up to your friends, family, and mentors for guidance. Moreover, don’t forget to leverage your social media profile to maximize your opportunities. Sites such as LinkedIn can be really helpful for building your professional network and getting seen by recruiters and potential employers. 

Moving On

For those who want to move on in their career, you have to be clear in your head. You may be working towards a promotion, looking to change your career entirely, or on the hunt for an employer with a company culture that is a better fit for you. Below are some of the points to keep in mind for making your next career move successful. 

  • Create a personal development plan: If you are planning for a promotion, it is important to get your manager on board with the plans. You have to work on a personal development plan to map out your immediate as well as long-term goals and how you will achieve them. It is important to check out different blogs on creating a successful personal development plan. 
  • Enhance your skillset: As the competition is on the rise, it is very important to build on the existing skills to enhance your career and open up new opportunities. You can do this by joining online courses, volunteering, and taking on projects at work that are outside of your usual remit. It is important to develop transferrable skills that will not set you up for success in the current role, but these can be applied to a wide range of jobs and sectors, they can be useful; when you are applying for a new job or industry.
  • Update your CV: If you are working in the same position for a couple of years, the chances are that you need to update your CV. It is a good practice to update your CV every few months, even if you are not looking for a new job. You need to delete irrelevant information and add what you have done in the last few years. Once your CV is up to date, you need to polish your LinkedIn profile with a great headline, a recommendation from people you have worked with. Mention if you are looking for temporary and permanent healthcare jobs. 
  • Choosing the right job: Choosing the right role is quite essential, regardless of whether you are moving roles within the company or joining a new one. You deserve to work that excites you, motivates you, and offers you a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional growth. A role you are at present fully accomplished for may not offer you enough room to grow- instead, aim for jobs that you are around 70% capable for. This will help you grow professionally and you can have a wide range of skills and experience to develop, you will be less likely to get bored within a few months. 

Be it a new job or working on your career goals, it is always best to step out well prepared. Keep all the tips in mind and work on it to avoid any hassle later. 



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